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Cholesterol lowering drugs side effects include muscular aches and pains and peripheral neuropathy. If you are experiencing these effects with no known cause, then look to the possibility of medically induced pain.

Massage can help reduce these symptoms.

Don’t forget to tell your doctor about them as well.

See the full story in this linked article.

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This is my favorite time of year. Ragweed Season. Sneezing, eye itching, throat scratching, dripping. I feel like I am one big nose. A nasal irrigator twice a day brings a little relief. The irrigator removes trapped pollen in the nose and helps me fall asleep at night. I recommend the Nasaline Irrigator because it is what I wanted to design but they did it first (and better). Just be careful not to apply too much pressure and keep your mouth open. I don’t like the netti pot because if is much too messy and relies only on gravity for pressure. The best device is the Grosann Nasel Irrigator which about five times as pricy as the Nasaline and requires an electric outlet for power.

Be sure to cover your pillow with a towel during the day. Then remove the towel at night. This will remove some of the pollen which finds its way into your bedroom and which falls onto your pillow.

The bedroom air “purifier” is on 24/7 which also adds a little relief.

For total relief, schedule your vacation in upstate Vermont for this time of year. Antarctica is also starting to look good.

For more info on the Nasaline Irrigator click here.

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M.S. Asks: I have a pain that starts in my right buttock and shoots down the back of my leg. I only have this pain when sitting. I don’t have it while standing.

OA: A definitive answer to your question can only be made after a thorough examination. However there are two common causes for this phenomenon which require little or no treatment.


  1. Fat Wallet Syndrome: A person will often carry a wallet (fat or otherwise) in the pants’ hip pocket. When sitting on this wallet it often presses on the sciatic nerve. This irritates the nerve and causes pain while sitting. Eventually, the nerve will become so irritated that the pain will become constant.


Sitting too far back while driving: A car seat is often adjusted for comfort while driving. However, while the seat may be comfortable for, let us say, highway driving, it may be too far for braking. Or the seat may be comfortable for the arms but too far away for the legs and vice versa. Seat position while driving is often a cause of Low Back Pain.
Thus, the seat may be comfortable initially but over the long term it too far away. However, as it was comfortable initially, it is not suspected as a cause for discomfort.

While these cases are common causes to the question presented they may not be relevant in any specific case. Multiple causes may be at play and an examination(s) is required to determine the true cause.

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Foot Rotation; Lateral Hip Rotation Causes the Foot to be Pointed Outward

Lateral hip rotation causes the foot to be pointed away from the center line. This can cause many problems in the lower back, foot and other areas of the body. Some examples of the effects of lateral hip rotation are as follows:

1. Bunions. Lateral hip rotation causes the foot to point away from the center line. The immediate effect of this posture puts pressure on the inside joint of the big toe while walking. This can cause painful bunions and worsen the pain of existing bunions.

 2. Other foot pain. Longer term, the effects of the foot pointed outward can cause the ankle joint to deform, with the foot facing outward (eversion). This can also deform the arch and put additional pressure on the bones of the inner foot. The bones of the inner foot are not designed to touch the ground but are rather designed to spread the pressure over the foot, to the front and back of the foot as in an arch. Having contact with the ground can result in severe pain while walking. The deformation of the ankle joint causes it own problems as well.

 3. Low Back Pain and Sciatica. Other long term effects of lateral hip rotation are the shortening of the stride. Short stride often allows the heel of the foot to hit the ground with a direct strike instead of a rolling strike. This causes shock waves to be sent up the leg where it is absorbed by the low back. Long term effects of this shock can cause severe low back pain and sciatica.

 Acupuncture and massage together with exercise can help reduce lateral hip rotation and pain. Please call 718 258 1829 for an appointment to assess and treat your condition.

Muscles involved in Lateral Hip Rotation

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The psoas

Culprit in all sorts of pain yet never gets blamed. Hides out in the deep recesses of you body. Involved in sciatica, knee pain, back pain, twisted posture and more but is never implicated. Find out if this miscreant is causing your pain. Call 718 258 1829 for an appointment to get evaluation and treatment.

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Call Oscar for treatment of pain resulting from your auto accident. No fault insurance accepted in full.

Call 718 258 1829

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Image from Massage Today June 2010

Forward Head Posture puts undo pressure on the cervical spine, contributes to dimished lung capacity, intensifies low back pain and even disrupts the working of the large intestine. Call 718 258 1829 to ask Oscar how acupuncture and massage can help mitigate this condition.

For more information click on the link below to read Eric Daltan’s article on this subject in the June 2010 issue of Massage Today.

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Bone Tapping: The simple exercise to help stave off osteoporosis. Contact me for more information.

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Dear Therapist: If you insist that I take care of myself then why do I need treatment?


Dear Patient: You need treatment to jump start your self care.


In many cases you seek treatment because you either neglected your self care for too long or you were in an unfortunate accident and suffered severe trauma. Treatment will help bring you to the point where self care will start to work. In addition, treatment lasts only so long, a half-hour to an hour. Self care then takes over with additional time. Treatment brings you to a higher level  where self care reinforces and consolidates that level. At a certain point treatment will have sufficient diminishing return where only self care is required.

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