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Foot Rotation; Lateral Hip Rotation Causes the Foot to be Pointed Outward

Lateral hip rotation causes the foot to be pointed away from the center line. This can cause many problems in the lower back, foot and other areas of the body. Some examples of the effects of lateral hip rotation are as follows:

1. Bunions. Lateral hip rotation causes the foot to point away from the center line. The immediate effect of this posture puts pressure on the inside joint of the big toe while walking. This can cause painful bunions and worsen the pain of existing bunions.

 2. Other foot pain. Longer term, the effects of the foot pointed outward can cause the ankle joint to deform, with the foot facing outward (eversion). This can also deform the arch and put additional pressure on the bones of the inner foot. The bones of the inner foot are not designed to touch the ground but are rather designed to spread the pressure over the foot, to the front and back of the foot as in an arch. Having contact with the ground can result in severe pain while walking. The deformation of the ankle joint causes it own problems as well.

 3. Low Back Pain and Sciatica. Other long term effects of lateral hip rotation are the shortening of the stride. Short stride often allows the heel of the foot to hit the ground with a direct strike instead of a rolling strike. This causes shock waves to be sent up the leg where it is absorbed by the low back. Long term effects of this shock can cause severe low back pain and sciatica.

 Acupuncture and massage together with exercise can help reduce lateral hip rotation and pain. Please call 718 258 1829 for an appointment to assess and treat your condition.

Muscles involved in Lateral Hip Rotation

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