Posted by: Oscar Abraham in Acupuncture,Clinic,Health,Massage,pain on December 8th, 2010

Lymph drains from the body very slowly; much slower than blood movement. Lymph movement is measured in pints while blood movement is measured in gallons. In addition, damaged lymph nodes can retard lymph movement to the point where it causes lymphedema or swelling in the arms or legs. Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) is a technique to help move the lymph up to 40 times faster than normal.

Breast cancer patients often have lymph nodes removed. Remaining lymph nodes are susceptible to damage either in treatment or by heavy pressure. When this happens it can result in severe lymphedema. The best treatment for this is MLD by especially trained therapists.

However, swelling does not have to progress to the point of lymphedema to be uncomfortable and even painful. In this case, MLD is a most excellent treatment. I had very good success in this type of treatment in cases of swelling due to bone breaks and surgery.

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