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A really bad video about acupuncture.

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Volunteered at mile 10 of the NYC Marathon. I was quite busy treating hamstrings, ITBs, quads, ankles, and even one shoulder for which the runners were very grateful. One runner wanted to take me home to Atlanta. I’m on the left in the hat. The other fellow is another volunteer.

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Acupuncture continues to be proven to be a better and cost effective treatment for many conditions. Yet insurance refuses to cover acupuncture. Patients will unfortunately choose inferior and even ineffective treatments because of lower out of pocket costs. Too bad.

See the full article below.

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This article by John Chen, PhD, PharmD, OMD, LAc in Acupuncture Today suggests that Chinese Herbal Medicine is perhaps a superior treatment for the less severe forms of viral infections than modern anti-biotics.

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M.S. Asks: I have a pain that starts in my right buttock and shoots down the back of my leg. I only have this pain when sitting. I don’t have it while standing.

OA: A definitive answer to your question can only be made after a thorough examination. However there are two common causes for this phenomenon which require little or no treatment.


  1. Fat Wallet Syndrome: A person will often carry a wallet (fat or otherwise) in the pants’ hip pocket. When sitting on this wallet it often presses on the sciatic nerve. This irritates the nerve and causes pain while sitting. Eventually, the nerve will become so irritated that the pain will become constant.


Sitting too far back while driving: A car seat is often adjusted for comfort while driving. However, while the seat may be comfortable for, let us say, highway driving, it may be too far for braking. Or the seat may be comfortable for the arms but too far away for the legs and vice versa. Seat position while driving is often a cause of Low Back Pain.
Thus, the seat may be comfortable initially but over the long term it too far away. However, as it was comfortable initially, it is not suspected as a cause for discomfort.

While these cases are common causes to the question presented they may not be relevant in any specific case. Multiple causes may be at play and an examination(s) is required to determine the true cause.