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Low Back Pain (LBP) is often the result of forward pelvic tilt. LBP can be alleviated by acupuncture and massage. To completely eliminate pain requires that the patient reduce the forward pelvic tilt by awareness and exercise. Stomach strengthening and hamstring lengthening are often some of the recommended exercises.

LBP is also associated with the deep back muscles. These muscles can be tight and unbalanced causing pain. Acupuncture and massage loosen these muscles and balance these muscles to relieve pain.

LPB can aslo be associated with walking habits. Poor walking habits may send shock waves up the leg to the back resulting in back pain that may also be considered sciatica. Changing walking patterns may dramatically lessen back pain.


The psoas muscle is a major factor in hip flexion and is attached to the anterior lumbar spine. This muscle is hidden in that it does not appear on the body’s surface. Because it is hidden it is hardly implicated in painful conditions. Yet when this muscle is tight or contracted it may cause the entire body to rotate out of position. It can cause sciatica and even knee pain. When it is weak in can cause problems walking. A simple test helps provide the clue to determine if the psoas is involved in your pain.



Often a combination of these problems are at play. A visit to Complete Health Acupuncture will uncover which of these situations you are in.

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