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Knee pain is a symptom not a disease. The knee is a complicated structure and is pulled from top, bottom, front, back and even internally. Any imbalance in posture or gait can result in knee pain.

Knee pain can also result from direct injury to the knee such as a torn or desiccated meniscus. The body attempts to repair the damaged knee by throwing fluids into the knee area causing edema and pain. The pain also causes other areas of the body to compensate and thus can cause low back pain, hip pain and even ankle pain often on the opposite side. While acupuncture and massage cannot repair the damaged meniscus, acupuncture and massage can help reduce edema and thereby reduce pain. Acupuncture and massage can also help alleviate the tenderness and pain in the secondary sites such as the low back, hip and ankle. Exercise may also help alleviate the pain by increasing space between the bones and by holding the knee structures in place causing less wear on the knee.

Another source of knee pain is arthritis. Arthritis is the wearing away of cartilage around adjacent bones so that they are in direct contact. As in the previous paragraph, the body attempts to repair this damage by releasing fluids into the area causing more pain. In addition, the bone itself has many nerve endings and these register high levels of pain. As in the previous paragraph other sites may be secondarily effected by this pain due to compensation. Again, acupuncture and massage cannot repair the worn cartilage. However, it can help alleviate much of the pain involved with arthritis.  Exercise and heat treatments may also help alleviate some symptoms.

Surgery for ligament repairs and knee replacements may also cause knee pain. For all the advancements in surgery, in many cases, it still cuts into the skin and muscle tissue. While surgeons may tell patients they will be on their feet in two weeks, they may neglect to tell the patient the surgery pain itself may last two years. This should not deter the patient from under going necessary surgery. Nevertheless, the pain associated with the surgery can be reduced by acupuncture and massage together with heat treatments and exercise.

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