Posted by: Oscar in on June 1st, 2010

Complete Health Acupuncture and Massage treats many conditions.


Call 718 258 1829 and discuss your condition with Oscar.


Some of the conditions treated are described here.

Low back pain:


Upper back, shoulder and neck pain:

Knee Pain:

Foot and Leg Pain:

Stress and Anxiety:



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Acupuncture and Massage cannot cure all conditions. For example, acupuncture is not a treatment for cancer. However, acupuncture and massage can alleviate some symtoms of cancer. Furthermore, standared cancer treatments such as chemo and radiation  themselves cause significant side effects such as the nausua and pain. Acupuncture and massage can go along way to alleviate these symptoms.

Acupuncture and massage can also help family members of cancer patients ease the stress and tension involved in the caring for a striken family member.

Family members also includes the children of cancer patients who, while perhaps not directly involved in the care of the patient, also undergo significant stress and torment.

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